Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Note from one of our parents .

Hey Sandlotters , Since we are honoring all cancer survivors and remembering those who fought well but lost to this terrible thing . I asked our Sandlot Mom Janel Jernigan who has beaten skin cancer and is a wonderful advocate to write up something for us all .

Please take a moment to read and thanks ahead of time .

Coach Mike

Did you know that nearly 80,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma this year? That's the equivalent of the entire population of Somerville, Massachusetts. Or Troy, Michigan. Or Buena Park, California. Imagine - an entire town: mothers, fathers, children, teens, friends and lovers - all diagnosed with the deadliest form of skin cancer. 
Melanoma can be deadly. But if you catch it early - before it spreads - it can be treated.
Check your skin - regularly.
Research has shown that patients, not doctors, are most likely to spot melanoma because they are most familiar with changes on their own skin. In fact, more than half of all melanomas are detected by everyday people - just by paying attention to their or their loved ones' skin. Learn how to perform a skin self-exam - and if you see something funny or different, make an appointment with a dermatologist. 

Talk to others.

Don't be afraid to ask about a mole you're not sure about. Ask your spouse, your partner, a friend or family member to help you keep track of suspicious moles and check hard-to-see places. Don't be shy - melanoma isn't, and it doesn't discriminate. Melanoma can develop on anyone - no matter their age, gender or race. 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Hey Sandlotters, real excited about this coming Saturday as we honor all mothers and any women who play a vital role in the Christian upbringing of our youth . Please join us and assist us in letting all of these wonderful women know how much we love and appreciate all they have done for us.

My mom will not be able to come since she will be in South Carolina with my older sister but she will be in my heart and thoughts for being such an inspiration to me from the time they brought me home from The Childrens Home to today.

Mom, Your love, patience, guidance , and grace will be with me for the rest of my life and I am blessed everyday by God by having him choose you as my Mother . I love you and hope you have an incredible Mothers Day.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and my village has been and still is gigantic. My two sisters, Aunts, Cousins, what i call " other Mothers ", grandma's who have been long gone but never forgotten and lil sisters have all been with me and guided me and for this I am very grateful and again blessed.

To my wife, Shelby, God took his time making our paths to cross and our meeting was when it should have been. He had is path for me but for a while I chose another , but when I came back he blessed me with you and I will never forget that day. You are an inspiration to me, your children, your family and so many other people here in our community and beyond . Your dedication to all of us is tireless and has been covered with hurdles but you always prevail. You continue to love, care and spread that awesome "Light " that brightens so many peoples world and most of the time you dont notice or are given enough credit for . You have made me a better man of God, Husband , Father and friend and I love you so very much.

Please take a moment this weeekend to email, call, write or tell in person all of the women in your life who have stood beside you and guided you and once you do this make sure it is not only for one weekend a year.

May you all have a family rich weekend and Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hey Sandlotters , Been a little while since we have posted anything so I feel right now before Easter would be a great time . We are three weeks into our Spring 2014 season and as always Shelby and I are blessed beyond our means with the families who have signed up . I am so proud to announce another record number of athletes this season and just when I feel it cant get any better , it does .

I could spend the next eight hours typing for all the stories these past few weeks have brought but instead I send out an open invitation to all of yall who have not seen our program to come out and witness the love and joy of our families every single day that I am continued to be blessed to be a part of all the way from our tee ballers to our older athletes in kid pitch.

Every evening and on Saturday mornings become reflection for me out at The Sandlot to cherish all that happened the practice before and the games that will happen next and it is all because of God . We all as a combined family have taken a horse pasture and turned it into a place for everyone to come together to celebrate our young ones through baseball in a Christian setting. AWESOME.

During this Easter weekend I have asked all of our athletes to think about the meaning of Christ dying on the cross for our sins and also his rising , to be more like Christ everyday and to search out what more they can do for others . I also ask you , reading this, to do the same through thought and prayer and once God speaks to you to act on your feelings immediately and dont let it pass. What can we do MORE for others no matter how big or small ? A hug, smile, words of compassion, a favor before being asked, a need for another  - what ever it may be I am sure that at least ONE time a day God allows us to be in a position to shine his light. SHINE ON .

May you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend and See yall next week at The Sandlot .

Coach Mike