Sunday, January 28, 2024


            Sandlot Baseball Spring 2024


Progress in our area has finally caught up with The Sandlot and other factors are also at play. It is with the absolute heaviest of hearts after 2 weeks of prayer, soul searching and discussions with those I trust and value ( if I didn't call, please don't take offense ) that I am cancelling the season and the last pitch has been thrown at our current location. 

I do not know what the future holds and I ask for everyones prayers as we go through this very difficult time. I preached at a church today and hopefully I explained about as openly as anyone could my feelings and emotions. We will be taking down everything on the property as soon as we can and would love some assistance if available. The One Project is definitely open and in play. Continued ability to make a strong impact on everyone God introduces us to has always and will continue to be our focus. 

Again your prayers are very much needed as we try to start over and figure out God's plan for not only myself but my family and our community. 

The memories of the last 14 years flow through me everyday and I know God has a plan - His timing however is not that of mine or ours as most of us know.

I love everyone and will miss you and your families dearly and hope that we can all be together in one form or another soon.

With love,

Coach Mike and Shelby