Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wake Forest Basball

Hey Everyone . Have taken most of the day to think about how I wanted to start this post because Shelby and I did not want anyones feelings hurt about what is going on with The Sandlot . One of our parents contacted The Wake Forest Baseball team and found out there are opportunities for our league . May 17th ( Tuesday ) there is going to be NO PRACTICE . We are ALL going to be meeting at the Wake Forest Baseball Stadium so our athletes can run through the blow up tunnel onto the field with the Deacon mens team . It is going to be an awesome event . There is no admission for games during the week and we will either eat at the stadium or families can eat before they come .

After talking with the Deacon rep we found out that no one had taken a slot for tonight's game ( only 15 athletes ). We have made the decision to use tonight as a dry run for the 17th . I and noone else have asked families from all three leagues ( tee ball, coach pitch and Machine pitch ) and we will be meeting at the field at 5:15 . There was no favoritism in my choosing and it is also something I am not wanting to do again since I love all of the sandlotters but wanted to post something so that everyone is on the same page and no feelings are hurt. I appreciate everyone's understanding and if there is a problem please see me as soon as possible .

Making a decision like this was kind of like being on an island and a boat comes by that can only hold 15 kids - this is how deep i feel about this issue .

SO - back to the 17th . please let me know as soon as possible if yall can attend - all families , extended families, grandparents etc are invited - THERE is NO ADMISSION FEE so please all come and show our SANDLOT DEACON Pride on the 17th. If i can show Sandlot deacon pride as a State fan yall can to lol.

With deepest thought and love for you all,