Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all of yall,

I know everyone will be blowing up facebook with thanksgiving sayings and thanks so im going to put mine here.

The first thing is the thanks that I have towards God , without him all of the things I am thankful for would not be possible. Thankful for the continued love and belief in me even when I get in my own way. Grateful for the path that he has for me , on his time, and for the many blessing along the way.
For my family, Shelby, Michaela and Jordan, for someone who did not even imagine a family 15 years ago to being able to wake up every morning with them close.

Three plus years ago when we started on this path for The One Project I did not have any idea what trying times we would have , lack of funds, loosing the house, two cars and a camper, the stress and sacrifice that each of us in my family would have to make along with day to days worries and fears.
As i look back on all of this I see that God was with us the entire way and continues to be every day. His love and guidance has carried us and given us strength to keep on his path. I am not saying we havent strayed and tried our own things but he allows us to do that and then redirects us back. He does this with a whisper, a thought , a prayer and most of all with all of you.

Yes all of you , the next thing I am so thankful for. The love and support that starts with our immediate family , our folks and siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and then you. I cannot tell you how many times I might be going through a tough patch and one of you simply say something supportive or so very relevant to what I am going through and most of the time you dont even know it and it puts me right back on track. This entire vision is supported but God and Yall and Shelby and myself are so thankful for that. We see everyday the progression of all of our efforts and cannot wait for the next day to bring something more.
I am thankful you all forgive my querks and short commings and love my family for who we are . It is difficult to find that in todays society but as we grow I hope and pray we can change a little bit of that in our community.

There is probably not enough memory in my computer to name everyone individually and I hope you all know who you are for all you do but THANKS.

Tommorow we are all supposed to get together with friends and family and be Thankful , I cannot help but think of those who dont have a group to join and pray that God will bless them in his way to feel at peace and also realize that he loves them, I have realized that no matter what material things are taken away, no matter the balance in ones account that the love of God, family and friends can carry anyone through anything.

From my family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God continue to bless each and everyone of yall like HE and yall have blessed us.

Coach Mike

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well our Fall 2013 Sandlot season is in full SWING and again it is awesome. We are blessed with 84 athletes and their families and are finally working in Kid pitching and catching. This season like the five before it continue to amaze me with the mature and incredible sportsmanship of all of our kids. The support of each one of them to their fellow teammates is such a privilege to be a part off.

Along with the on field stories the " off the field " stories are incredible. Last Tuesday I took my dad to have his 7th hearth procedure and all of the facebook comments and emails with prayers and concerns were very special. Right after I got Dad home it was time for me to take my mother to her eye dr and in between stations my mother and I were sitting in a waiting area and I plopped down in between two elderly ladies and the conversations started flowing. The lady to my right was a 63 year old spunky woman who said she hailed from Alabama and right from the start you knew her position as a strong Christian woman. She mentioned that she came to NC with her husband to see her in laws and then she lent her car to her brother in law who brought only half of it back. Yep, he got in an accident. There stay was lengthened and once they returned to Alabama they discovered that their house had burned to the ground so they opted to move to Greensboro NC. After asking her if she had kids she mentione she had three and then pulled out two pictures that had been laminated and showed of aging in her purse for  two years. On these pictures were born dates and dates of passing. I immediately saw this and asked her   about the passing dates. She told me it was a picture of her daughter and granddaughter  and that the granddaughter had died two weeks before her daughter and both of medical issues.

This lady I had just met had showed me two pictures of such a heart felt moment, tragic yet heartfelt. She mentioned that she sat at her daughters bedside and told her she knew that her daughter wanted to go and be with her granddaughter but her daughter didnt want to leave her mother here on earth. She told her daughter that she would be ok and God would , as always be with her until she joined her in heaven. I have met people before with a strong faith but the glow around this woman was so bright and her heart to full of love for our Lord that it was noticed by everyone listening in the room.

She then told me about a story of her daughter a week before in the hospital with her machines going hay wire and she prayed to God that HE work his love on her daughter and once she said Amen the machines and her daughters vitals came back to normal. This lady was so happy that she danced around and thanked God for his power and love, she got into her car and drive down Wendover still rejoicing to the Lord. She said she had one hand on the stearing wheel and one out of the car window in praise and then she would switch hands. She looked in her rear view window and noticed the blue lights of a police officer who saw her antics ( to him ) praise to us. She promptly told him she didnt drink or do drugs and that she was praising the Lord for hearing her prayers. The officer still gave her a ticket and while telling the story said ' I got a ticket for being happy " . I asked her if God took care of it in court and she said it was dismissed.

There in a waiting room of a drs office I was blessed to meet such a wonderful woman who had the total love of Christ in her heart and it was a pleasure to myself , my mother and all who heard her story that afternoon.

God places people in our lives to remind us that He is always there when we seek him or not, through happiness and tragedy that if we stay true in our beliefs he will get us through it.

Sandlot has been that reminder for me every season through our families and all of their stories and support. It has strengthened my beliefs and my families and I invite all who read this to be a part of his awesome guidance. Our journey has been the hardest of my life to this point but also the most wonderful. Since I have meet this wonderful woman it is ANOTHER story to remind me that no matter what happens or does not happen with our journey that there is always someone else who has it worse or has had it worse and that person still praises Gods love in all situations. Something I can absolutely work on. I hope it assists anyone reading this.

Please keep all of our families in your prayers that they may find God gifts in them and to use them whenever they can . The One Project - Using at least one of Gods Gifts to help your community.

Much Love to you all,

Coach Mike

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hey Everyone, I wanted to start off by saying what an awesome time Shelby and I had this past season at The Sandlot . So many wonderful memories and also our largest attendance in the five seasons so far. We were fortunate to have 125 athletes and everyone of them hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks so much to all of the families involved - you all are building faith, family and community one inning at a time.
This past season we have been recognized by our local media and appreciate all they have said about OUR program and the pictures they have published have been great.

This season I have seen our athletes grow in so many ways, from our young ones taking their own time to find their grove and have fun , to our older athletes show their sportsmanship and leadership qualities each and every week.

Our family dedication has been remarkable all the way from moms and dads, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins and family friends. One of the most awesome things I get to see is everyone using at least one gift from God to help another. I have had many moments this season where a relative of a coach or parent will express their happiness in that person who came out of their shell or just stepped up to work with a young person to simply give back no matter how big or small.

Shelby and I are both so thankful to everyone for their love, prayers, desire to volunteer and support what God has brought to this little horse pasture and we look forward to every season because of yalls support.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey sandlotters , Week three of games was absolutely awesome. While watching the radar all Friday night and Saturday it was nice having the storms roll south of us and once the last game was complete and we got back to the house the rain started coming down.

So much has happened in week three starting with last Sunday and getting to see one of our lil sandlotters get baptised and it was an honor being invited. Had to leave the service right after her ceremony to get the family and go to the Wake Forest vs, Boston College game at Wake with our Sandlotters. Thanks to all who showed up and it was pretty emotional for me after the game when the kids were allowed to run the bases on this awesome field. They come onto the field by Wakes dugout and ran off behind Boston Colleges dugout. My daughter, Michaela, had a foul ball and wanted to get some signatures so she went to the BC players and allowed me to talk with a few of them and let them know we were a Christian baseball league and all of them were in our prayers. In that brief moment of talking with these courageous young men , the events of what happened the week before set in.

We can watch from our television, read the paper and the internet but it took me looking into the eyes of guys who experienced it on their own home front and all it took was to look in their eyes. Boston College lost all three games that weekend but just to be able to run out on the fields and compete was such a major accomplishment and the main point all of them told me was to PLEASE KEEP PRAYING. It was an honor to be able to talk with these guys and I hope you all will continue to pray for everyone affected by this horrible event.

Another prayer request that has come up is with one of our sandlot families , a first year sandlot mother , came to me just before her sons tee ball game and said  " Coach , you all take prayer requests right ? " I can tell the family and community love here and wanted to ask you all to pray for me and my family. "

A year ago she had a spot taken from her back that was skin cancer and last Friday she found out that it has come back and she is at stage three . She will undergo surgery in May and then Chemo treatments.
To start all of our games all day we have the athletes line up , go over our theme for the week ( this past Saturday was Sandlot Families ) then announcements then prayer requests then we pray. I asked this mother to come out onto the mound with me as I told everyone her story and then we prayed. I then told the same story for the next 7 games through out the day.

Please keep this family in your prayers and I thank you before hand. I will continue to update information as I find out during the rest of her treatment even if Spring season is over. I have not posted her name yet because I want to make sure she will be ok with it.

As for our athletes , it still amazes me every practice and game to see each ones progress at all levels and along with the athletes the parents dedication to our program in so many areas. We have been so blessed to have the coaches take such an vital role in each of our players and we are working harder this season at fundamentals and more structure to make their experience more fun .

We have built a three station batting practice area for the tee ballers and modified tee ballers and we are working on building a batting cage for the older athletes and hope to have it in place by the end of this week.

Many of the families have been donating to our program in so many ways and Shelby and I appreciate all that yall do.

We have added a donation tab to our web site since we have been approached by some who have asked about donating so if anyone feels compelled please click on that link and THANKS.

I have also been approached by different friends and family to speak to organizations about what we have done and are planning to do and am looking forward to telling them about how God is working in my families life by creating an environment for everyone to feel special while playing the awesome game of baseball.

Hope this entry finds everyone well and Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hey all Sandlotters - What an incredible couple of weeks at The Sandlot . AS OF RIGHT NOW WE ARE PLANNING TO PLAY ALL GAMES TOMORROW ON SCHEDULE. For the earlier games please dress warmly since it is going to be chilly. I also recommend covering inside of vehicles with plastic since its gonna also be muddy . LOL.

Everything has been falling into place as it usually does at The Sandlot . All of us have been working real hard at many improvements and additions at the field and Shelby and I thank all of you involved.

Looking forward to our second round of games tomorrow and Lets Play Ball.

Coach Mike

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring 2013 season is almost here

Hey Everyone , I haven't been on here much in the last month since Shelby and I and a bunch of others have been working on getting this season ready to kick off with a bang.
I want to start off with publicly thanking my much better half for her dedication and devotion to all of our athletes and their families with so much behind the scenes work that makes The Sandlot what it is .
It amazes me daily watching her and all that she does with the administration side, setting up teams, handling registration, redoing teams, scheduling games for the season, redoing teams lol and so much more . I love you sweetheart and am proud to be your husband and friend .

Along with Shelby there have been others during the off season who have been instrumental in what we do and to those folks we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are also so blessed to have you be a part of this project.

I am so proud to be able to say that we have reached a new record of athletes this season and it is awesome seeing God at work with all of the families returning along with our new Sandlotters. My most difficult time of the year is the off seasons, the doubt, the concern, the wondering if I am doing the right thing for my family and others creeps in during this time and I assume it would be that way for anyone in our position. I find myself being tested daily and there are some days I fail miserably during this time. I am telling you all this as a testimony that God is always with us and he shows this to us all the time during great times and bad and the great times this year have been during our spring sign ups. Everyday since we started our sign ups, Shelby and I have been blessed to talk with so many people both new and old to our program and it raises our spirits to new highs. We realize more every season that God's vision of The Sandlot and The One Project is something so special that we are humbled just to be a part off. The Sandlot is so much more to us and others than just a baseball league, it is a place where so many others with so many likes and dislikes can fellowship, where our young people can build self esteem and have fun ( and maybe even learn a little baseball - haha ) and everyone has the opportunity to use at least one gift from God to reach out to others which is what The One Project is all about. To see a young person catch his or her first pop fly, hit their first ball, improve from season to season in so many ways and to see them grow as wonderful children of God is something so very special to see.

Our Season starts this coming Monday and will last until the first week of June . I invite all who are reading this to come out to a practice or game and support our wonderful athletes and families. I also ask for yalls prayers that the Gods guidance will continue to be heard , that his love surround our fields and that all involved can feel His grace this season.

Thanks again to everyone around the country for their continued support of our program and our families . Now LETS PLAY BALL .

Coach Mike.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hey sandlotters - we are here at chick fil a in Kernersville and cant wait to see everyone tonight. Remember it is pajama night and the staff here at Chick Fil A are gearing up with some arts and crafts for all kids.

Shelby and I heard from a great many of yall about tonight and its gonna be awesome.

Coach Mike

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sign Up Night at Chick-fil-A

     We have a sign up night on Thursday Feb. 7th at Chick-fil-A from 5-8. It also happens to be their Pajama night. So come dressed in your PJ's to sign up, do crafts and try some breakfast samples. Coach Mike and I cant wait to see you there.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Registration is open !!!!

Hey Everyone, the time is here - 2013 Spring Sandlot Baseball Registration is OPEN.
Please log onto our website at and click on Sandlot Registration to START.
We are also proud to announce that we have a new paypal account to assist with registration fees and also donations for both The One Project and Sandlot Baseball.

Shelby and I are very excited about this upcoming season and look forward to seeing all of our Sandlotters both returning and new.


Coach  Mike

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Shelby just brought it to my attention that we hope to be up and running with registration by February 2nd so stay tuned.

:) Mike

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring 2013 Sandlot Baseball

Hey everyone, its almost time and Shelby and I cant wait - Spring 2013 Sandlot Baseball. We have been working all off season to get ready and its time to Play Ball.
So many things have improved since Fall Ball and our focus has been on communication and web sites. please check out for all of our upcoming events. We are going to be offering an even easier online registration along with a new PayPal account to take payments and donations for both The  Sandlot and The One Project.

We are offering another division this season to reach some older athletes and are praying God will lead us and these athletes to make it an awesome time.

Our division are going to be: Tee Ball , Modified Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Modified Coach Pitch and Senior Modified Coach Pitch.
Tee Ball - for our very youngest athletes and a new  basic understanding of the game - hitting off a tee
Modified Tee Ball - one step above and hitting from a coach pitching with even more knowledge of the game
Coach Pitch - will be on the Main larger field for ages 6-8 and will hit from coach pitching half way from mound to home plate. This will also be more structured in fundamentals .
Modified Coach Pitch  - also on main field and coaches will be pitching from the mound. This year we are looking to start training athlete catchers and even more focus on fundamentals. Ages  - 9 - 12
Senior Modified Coach Pitch will be same as Modified only age range will be from 13 -15.

Our focus has always been as a Christian , Family and Self Esteem building for each member . We are listing ages as a guideline but we also take into consideration skill level on an individual basis along with safety. So some leagues might have an 8 year old in the Modified Coach Pitch league.

Shelby has been working very hard with our great Friend Eric Gonzalez ( who is our Web designer and IT person ) during the off season and we cant wait for yall to see what they have come up with to better serve each of yall to maximize our FUN.

Please friend us also at sandlotfamily on facebook and if you follow twitter @sandlotter.

More to come vey soon but for now we hope everyone had a wonderful off season and cant wait to see you either as a returning Sandlotter or a brand new Sandlotter.

God Bless and Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike

Lovin the coaches

Letting a ball go by.