Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sandlotters and future Sandlotters, 
We will be having a Chick-fil-a sign up night on Wednesday Feb. 19th from 4:30-7:30. If you have already signed up please come by, we would love to see you.If you have family and friends that may be interested please invite them to come and meet Coach Mike and the rest of the Sandlot Families. Hope to see ya there

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Best Elementary Teacher in the Triad Competition

Ok everyone , I mentioned a competition last night on facebook and here it is .

Eric Gonzalez ( The One Project and Sandlot baseball IT guru ) has come up with an awesome app for electronic permission slips and I personally love the idea and am pleased to get the word out for him by letting yall know about " The Best Elementary Teacher in the Triad " Award .

All of us know how under appreciated all of our teachers are and especially this week after our elected officials have clearly shown how they feel about them . Well now Eric is asking all of us to do something about it for at least one teacher and the PTA of the school he or she works for .

You can go to the web address at the bottom and fill out your entry form for the best teacher in the Triad. The winning teacher will win a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet ( $800.00 ) and the Winners PTA will win $500.00 . NOT BAD .

Please take the time to enter and let show our teachers how much we appreciate them .


Coach Mike