Monday, December 14, 2015

Hey Sandlotters , My family hopes this finds each of yall healthy and well and we wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

I have to share some things with yall that have been blessings towards my family and are weighing so heavy on my heart . Most of yall know that I have not been feeling very well for the past six months and we are in the process of finding out what it going on . First off my heart is fine and as long as the motor is good we can fix the rest over time . In going through this experience I have had many days of prayer and questioning God of I am really doing what I should be doing for Him and also my family . Every single time I am answered with " YES " in a form of a blessing and it is AWESOME .

The One Project and Sandlot Baseball is stronger than ever and will continue to grow thanks to all of the families involved . There are always times of doubt and these past six months has been stronger than ever due to making sure that my family is taken care of and the sacrifices Shelby and the kids have to make to do what we need to do for our community . Through many family discussions, prayer and support of you all we are building strength and hope and love .

There are many stories I can share and hope to very soon but one has been created over the last month and came to a climax this evening . Insurance has been very tough to figure out for my family along with being able to afford and we have tried several avenues and always seemed to hit a major road block . We have looked online ( most confusing ) been downtown to speak with agencies and have not been successful . Hope is something that can lift souls and allow people to see the good in so many bad situations . Hope is what we needed today and it came in the form of one of our Sandlot mothers  , Christina Sherrill.

The One project is founded on what can we do with at least one gift from God , whether you are a mechanic, plumber, preacher, coach, doctor . etc.. This time it came in a health care advisor.

Christina came to our house after answering an email of HELP from me and within 2 hours led us through the confusion ( for me ) in the most comforting way and we now have health insurance that we can afford for the next year . This one step is going to allow us to keep pressing on and I wish I could explain how much tension and relief is spread through our household.

I have seen the horror post on facebook and the internet from so many people about health insurance  and the questions everyone has had and it has bothered me for months . To have someone so genuine come into our house and make us feel so at ease was absolutely incredible . To even go one step further , the plan we chose pays her zero commission because of recent events with the carrier and yet she still led us to our best option.

We have found someone using at least one gift from God to help others and it goes so much further than trying to sell a policy. If it was just that I would never be telling yall about it.

If you or anyone you know is having the same struggles my family has been having I hope you contact me or Christina and allow her to see what she can do to give you HOPE .

Christina Sherrill - 336-964-9958 or christina@janetblakleyinsurance,com

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Love to all,

Coach Mike, Shelby, Jordan and Michaela

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey Sandlotters ,

One of the most awesome things is to give . We all know how many different ways to give there are and any can be just as rewarding . This past weekend we had another chance to give and it always turns out as more of a blessing to us than to those who receive.

Got a message Friday from a sandlotter asking if I knew anything about building a handicap ramp and I happen to have just enough knowledge to be dangerous - haha . About a year ago the Main family had a wonderful family friend who has cancer and needed a ramp to get in and out of her house . They were in  the process of starting the ramp while the family was at the beach and it was going to be a surprise when she got home . I got a phone call asking if I would help and went right over there to get this thing built . Once built the Main's painted it a light blue and their son painted clouds in white with words like Faith, Hope, Love all the way to the top .

The family returned from their trip to see this gift and the young lady liked it so much she wouldnt walk on the clouds with words cause she didnt want to mess it up.

I called the Main family Friday to see if they wanted to build another one and due to an injury ( prayer request :) ) they were unable to but knew that the young lady has done so well that she told her mother to take it down . It was placed on the side of the house and they were more than willing to let us reuse it . So we did .

Yesterday I along with another sandlotter , Drew and the Booher family went over to meet another wonderful family with lil Noah , a young guy with cerebral palsy and after about two hours we had his ramp built and the smile on this guys face was priceless. We even have him and his 11 year old sister going to play at the Sandlot with us this season .

God works in amazing ways every single day and by listening and being more aware he shows us those needs . WE have to be more active in our giving . Over the last five years of this wonderful mission of The One Project and Sandlot Baseball I am finding out that the hardest part of a Non Profit is the money . Having the funds to reach out and make an impact on a greater scale is what we are striving for most of the time . I have to say most of the time because there are honestly days where we are weak and tired and FAIL . My close friends and advisors says its not a Fail but a rest and I try to see it that way but most of the time do not . But back to the hardest part - money . Its amazing that thats the hardest part . The easiest is just walking the path, seeing , hearing and finding the needs of families in our community and going and DOING . How cool is that , The EASIEST and most AWESOME is GOING AND DOING !!!!!

Yesterday, I was tired, sore and it was hot . But we got up and WENT and it was amazing . To see a family smile was heartwarming and to get to meet them was even better . A huge gift to them but a simple task for us was priceless .What can u hear, see, or feel that God is asking you and your family to do everyday to GO and DO ?

The One Project and Sandlot Baseball needs to grow and God is telling us to GO and DO . We need so many things and have a plan to meet those ultimate goals but while we are striving for that goal we are still GOING and DOING the smaller things that can lift someone up and show them that others care and love them .

If you hear of any families that can benefit from Sandlot , have them sign up . If they can benefit from The One Project then get in touch with us . If you feel you want to join us in our path COME ON . There is no membership fee for helping just your time and love .

I see so many people out at the Sandlot who give their god given talents and then wind up getting so much more back . WE have to grow, WE have to be more involved, We have to give back more.

Huge love to you all and Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey Sandlotters , Shelby and I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back to a little baseball ( school, schedules, drop offs , pick ups , lunches . . etc . lol )

It has been a slammed summer for us but we are , as always , EXCITED for Fall Ball 2015. Our registration has been going great and please continue to spread the word and pray for our programs growth and ability to reach families across the Piedmont .

We will be having a coaches meeting before the season starts and an email will go out to all when that date will be . It will be in the evening out at Sandlot . Please make sure if you are interested in coaching to make this meeting. We are implementing ideas we had from everyone last season.

We will also be having at least one work day before Labor day and we will send that date out very soon. We will need weed eaters , blowers , rakes , shovels , wheel barrows and labor young and older than young ( lol ).

The One Project has been in swing this summer and I cannot wait to let all of yall know what we have been doing and the paths we have chosen to take to better our community . Three meeting have been requested by groups for us to go into and give more information for their support , if any of yall hear about a group or company that wants to get involved please have them contact Shelby or myself at anytime. Huge shout out to Ms. Robyn  - Lady Divine on her efforts to spread the word about what we are doing . Robyn we love you and are so thankful for you not only for the energy you put into The One Project but also for the awesome Christian woman you are.

Shelby, Jordan, Michaela and I also want to thank yall for your prayers, calls and texts this summer for all of my family and the losses we have had ( 3 in 2 months ) . Your support has been huge to me and I love yall for it.

Cannot wait to see all of yall this season and please continue to spread the word . Registration is open at

Lets play ball,

Love yall,

Coach Mike and Shelby Isaacson

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hey Sandlot Nation , What an awesome first week of Spring 2015 baseball . We are blessed with a record number of families and it is all because of God and Yall . Shelby and I are so greatful to each and everyone of you for joining our program and hope your athletes have a memorable season .

Please take the time to read our flyer above that has been presented to us from a group at the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce .

April 24th we are hoping to see everyone at New Beginnings Church for this AWESOME fund raiser to help " Light The Lot " thats right , Sandlot is going to be getting lights and it will allow us to further our mission for our youth and families . First off it will be able to allow us to have night games and also better lighting for our late evening practices , second it will allow us to hold more community events in the evening out at The Sandlot .

Please place your orders asap to : Janel Jernigan at

Shelby and I will be at this event and hope to see all of you there . We will be posting this flyer at Sandlot and also handing it out to everyone at practices and games along with around town . If you are interested in posting one please let us know and we can email a copy to you or give extras at the fields .

Huge thanks to Janel and all of the Commerce group who have been awesome at putting this together for us .

Now , please place your order and lets Light The Lot .

Thanks and Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike
Sandlot Baseball and The One Project.