Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Sign up day - HUGE SUCCESS

Hey everyone , wanted to Thank all the wonderful parents and athletes who signed up today for the SANDLOT Rookie Season and also to all the families that showed up for our second work day . It was an awesome day to see all the athletes play out in the field and the parents and coaches throw and field for those who got to hit around .

WE have been blessed with a group of families who have expressed nothing but positive feedback on this upcoming season along with hours of dedication on getting our facility ready . The Sandlot is coming together because of these families who care.

Along with those athletes from past seasons I want to welcome the new comers. I dont want to leave anyone out but to Shelby, Misty, Angie, Courtney, Tina, Missy, Jennifer ( 2 ) and Patrice who have taken the time to go to restaurants, make flyer copies, work on our donation box for equipment ( which has already been filled ) , refer our organization to everyone they come into contact with and for the proof reading and assistance in the verbage on all our paperwork along with hours of behind the scenes - THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART .

To the guys - Brian K, Brian C, Grant, Chris, Ronnie, Jimmy, Jamie, Jason and Brian S for all the hours working on getting the grounds ready ( and to all the hours left - haha ) , cutting trees, hauling limbs, clearing dirt, marking out the fields, weed eating, trimming, mowing, aerating, seeding and coming up with awesome ideas on how to make The Sandlot a success - Yall are a blessing and it is a pleasure having you involved. I probably left out somethings yall have done ( oh yeah - standing on a bobcat with an extension saw , building benches ) but I will post more thanks in my next entry .

To the athletes who have already been out during our work days - it is great seeing yall take pride in assisting us ole people ( haha ) in creating a place for your families to come together in a Christian environment and play and play some baseball . For every limb you picked up, for ever scoop you shoveled and for ever pile you raked up you will be able to look back and know that you too had a large part of making The Sandlot a place of your own . Thank you all. Im am already proud of each of you and the first pitch hasn't even been thrown .

We have already made a change in the schedule - please note this on your calendars .

THE FIRST GAMES will be on April 9th, 2011 . We are changing this date to make sure everyone can be there for opening day since the 2nd falls on the last part of you spring break.

We will be dividing up teams this week and I will post teams , practice times and game times as soon as we get all of our registration in .

WE will be having another sign up next Saturday at The Sandlot from 8:30 - 2:00 . If anyone reading this who has not signed up yet you dont have to wait until Saturday . I will be out at The Sandlot everyday this week and will have paperwork on hand .

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful day and may God Bless each and every family involved.

Coach Mike