Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey Sandlotters , Been a week or two but wow have we been busy . This past Saturday was the last day of games for our first season and again it was awesome seeing the improvement of all of our athletes from the first practice . I am very proud of each and everyone of yall.

This coming Saturday is our cook out and awards day out at the Sandlot . Shelby is working as hard as usual to get everything right in line to make it a very special day . She has sent out an email to all of you for what is being brought and what we still need, so please check your emails and get back with her as soon as possible if you want to bring something .

Now that the season is almost over the work is really going to begin . I will be sending out another email along with a post here about our plans for the future with The Sandlot and also The One Project . We are hoping to be in at least Non Profit application by the start of Fall Ball ( Sept 12th ) if not already in Non Profit Status .

We are going to be redoing both fields and part of the area behind the Tee Ball Field and there is going to be a need for equipment to get this done . Also I have a 16x20 shed that we want to move to The Sandlot for our equipment shed and am in need of someone who has a roll back truck and could donate time to help us move it . If anyone knows of someone please let me know or if they are interested have them give me a call .

Along with redoing the fields we are going to be building a concessions stand and materials and assistance will be needed for this project .

We had a parent ( Cindy Walser ) who was awesome at letting us use her riding lawnmower for the season and we cannot thank her enough . I have already returned it to her and we are going to be in need for a riding mower soon . We have leased this property for the year and this includes taking care of the grounds year round . If anyone know of a riding mower that they can donate or sell pretty cheap again have them call me or I will get in contact with them .

Shelby and I cannot thank each and everyone of yall for your support of this wonderful venture and we love yall very much and hope to see everyone this fall . We had 78 athletes this spring and are praying for 150 this fall .

May God Bless your families as much as yall have blessed us ,

Michael and Shelby Isaacson