Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey Sandlotters , Shelby and I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back to a little baseball ( school, schedules, drop offs , pick ups , lunches . . etc . lol )

It has been a slammed summer for us but we are , as always , EXCITED for Fall Ball 2015. Our registration has been going great and please continue to spread the word and pray for our programs growth and ability to reach families across the Piedmont .

We will be having a coaches meeting before the season starts and an email will go out to all when that date will be . It will be in the evening out at Sandlot . Please make sure if you are interested in coaching to make this meeting. We are implementing ideas we had from everyone last season.

We will also be having at least one work day before Labor day and we will send that date out very soon. We will need weed eaters , blowers , rakes , shovels , wheel barrows and labor young and older than young ( lol ).

The One Project has been in swing this summer and I cannot wait to let all of yall know what we have been doing and the paths we have chosen to take to better our community . Three meeting have been requested by groups for us to go into and give more information for their support , if any of yall hear about a group or company that wants to get involved please have them contact Shelby or myself at anytime. Huge shout out to Ms. Robyn  - Lady Divine on her efforts to spread the word about what we are doing . Robyn we love you and are so thankful for you not only for the energy you put into The One Project but also for the awesome Christian woman you are.

Shelby, Jordan, Michaela and I also want to thank yall for your prayers, calls and texts this summer for all of my family and the losses we have had ( 3 in 2 months ) . Your support has been huge to me and I love yall for it.

Cannot wait to see all of yall this season and please continue to spread the word . Registration is open at

Lets play ball,

Love yall,

Coach Mike and Shelby Isaacson