Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

Hey Sandlotters , I hope for all the Forsyth County families yalls spring break was nice and for the guilford county families it is going to be nice . Please let us all take a moment or two this wekend to remember this wonderful holiday and its meaning and to thank God for all his caring blessings.

The season has started and we are heading into week three of practices with opening day being the 14th of April and I cannot be more excited . This season has already been filled with milestones for our athletes and its just begun. We are blessed to have 90 athletes in our third season and Shelby and I are so thankful to all the families for their continued support of what we think is a strong program for family and community building .

I am headed down in a little bit to pick up

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Ready to Play Ball

Hey Sandlotters , Its that time again and Shelby and I are very excited about this spring season . We are hopefully going to have a few new things this season and cant thank all those involved enough . One of our big things is going to be a web site ( thanks to Eric Gonzalez for setting it up ) up and running real soon .

As I told those who with us last season that Mike Weddell of Weddell Construction has gotten together with some of his vendors and will be building us a concession stand ( im gonna miss the table on the pallets - NOT - :).