Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Ready to Play Ball

Hey Sandlotters , Its that time again and Shelby and I are very excited about this spring season . We are hopefully going to have a few new things this season and cant thank all those involved enough . One of our big things is going to be a web site ( thanks to Eric Gonzalez for setting it up ) up and running real soon .

As I told those who with us last season that Mike Weddell of Weddell Construction has gotten together with some of his vendors and will be building us a concession stand ( im gonna miss the table on the pallets - NOT - :).

We have had sign ups twice now at our local Cici's and enjoyed seeing alot of yall there . We are currently at about 40 athletes but are expecting more once basketball is over. Please pass the word to any and all about coming out and joining us this season.

Our first practices are coming up real soon and I will be heading out to get the fields ready starting next week . I have been asked by a couple of parents to get a wish list together for what we need and will have that before the season starts . As always we will take any donations of equipment, cleats, bats, balls to add to our current supply that will be distributed the first week of practice and continue throughout the season.

Uniforms - we are going with a new shirt this season and are hoping everyone will like the style ( i can promise yall the bodies are NOT WHITE ) . I am still deciding on the hat but will more than likely stay with the same hat as last year . For those needing pants, belts and socks - Play it Again sports has a great deal on all three - please tell them you are with Sandlot .

I want to take a minute and thank Rick , Patrice and Will Reaves for their donation of 10 scholarships and money for some more batting helmets . Rick is the founder of Patriot Tax and also our accountant for The One Project / Sandlot Baseball . His company Patriot Tax is the sponsor of this awesome donation and I highly recommend Patriot Tax to assist in any of your financial needs over the year such as financial planning, taxes or any accounting questions you might have for your business or family .

If anyone needs more information about Spring 2012 Baseball please feel free to go to our Facebook page - The One Project or email Shelby or myself at .

If your require immediate response I suggest you email Shelby first - For those who know me are probably agreeing and giggling after reading this . The time to start my title of Head Maintenance is near and I dont feel the vibration of my phone often on a lawn mower . :)

Thanks again to each and every one of yall for your support of these wonderful athletes and see yall soon - Play Ball

Coach Mike

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