Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

Hey Sandlotters , I hope for all the Forsyth County families yalls spring break was nice and for the guilford county families it is going to be nice . Please let us all take a moment or two this wekend to remember this wonderful holiday and its meaning and to thank God for all his caring blessings.

The season has started and we are heading into week three of practices with opening day being the 14th of April and I cannot be more excited . This season has already been filled with milestones for our athletes and its just begun. We are blessed to have 90 athletes in our third season and Shelby and I are so thankful to all the families for their continued support of what we think is a strong program for family and community building .

I am headed down in a little bit to pick up
my much better half and 9 other folks who went to Honduras this week for a mission trip and am anxious to hear all the stories and see pictures of their journey . A water purification systme was installed in a remote village to bring what we take forgranted , fresh water . For anyone interested in information or supporting their continued efforts in the future please contact Pam Mitchell at Glenn View Baptist Church here in Winston Salem ( 336 788-2569 ) . I know she would be glad to hear from you .

Shelby said something in a brief call home this week that will stay with me forever . She said " It is amazing to see how happy these families are with practically nothing and dont know it ! ".  It hits the heart in so many different ways and is so powerful . How many times do we find ourselves worried about what we want or think we need rather than what we already have . I am one who falls into this thought so many times and it feels good to be reminded that our needs will be taken care of and to cherish what we have even more than what we THINK we might need. The Honduras team has done wonderful things over the years for the people and we are blessed to know them . The One Project is being developed to provide immediate assistance to those here locally in our own community and those needs are great . Please pray for all involved and also for a sign of how you can get involved  - God has given all of us at least ONE gift to use towards others and it is amazing what just ONE gift can do .

With limited resources , love and togetherness we all have developed a baseball league out of a cow pasture and touched so many young people in under a year and a half . Just Imagine how much more we can reach and do in the near future . Please take the time to look at our web page - and we would appreciate yalls feedback on anything you can come up with .

Have a wonderful and special Easter weekend with your friends and family and Monday we are back to PLAYIN BALL .

Coach Mike

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  1. You are the real deal Mike!!! You and Shelby have truly created something you can be proud are both a true inspiration.

    Jennifer Joines