Sunday, December 11, 2016

This post is not and updated about Sandlot or all that we are trying to do - it is about how God works and puts us in places we need to be to OPEN OUR EYES and really SEE . I am blessed that he does this with my family on a weekly basis but sometimes HE really makes me stop on a dime and WAKE UP .

I often tell people this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but it is the most rewarding .

We are guided to families all the time to " WALK BESIDE THEM " in their path and to do what we can to be that VILLAGE we always talk about . So far we are working with close to 10 families and it is incredible . So while doing this we create events and activities to spend time with as many as we can along with our Sandlot Nation . Everything we do has been based on growing these families faith and relationships from dinners here , basketball games , sponsoring other kids for basketball this season , tutoring. mentoring / counseling , taking out in the woods , working on other folks projects .

I am sitting here now listening to Christmas music with the family trying to get our house back in order and The Lord just slammed my heart . When he does this I have to share .

We have adopted a young lady who lives in Nashville who is a freshman at Piedmont College . Her and her family were introduced to us by part of our family who moved to Tenn a couple of years ago and we are so blessed to have them in our lives . Hannah has finished her semester and after talking with her mom we offered to meet them half way yesterday in Knoxville to switch out and they would take her home . Rather than just driving out and turning around I wanted to take the family and anyone else who wanted to go to show them about giving and being the hands and feet of God .

I have a wonderful family who I consider dear friends and also a mentor in Don and Denise Hall and their children Eric and Stacy and kids . Their are always certian folks who come in your life that really make an impact not only by their words but their deep devotion and faith towards others .  Don and Denise have spent countless hours and years volunteering for Samaritans Purse and I saw on Facebook that Don was in Gatlinburg , Tenn . assisting the fire disaster that burned so many homes and businesses .

I called Don and asked him if we could come down and bring a group to see the operation and also allow not only my kids but another kid to experience what God wants them to learn by bringing them. We made it to his operations HQ around 1:20 pm yesterday and even before we got there noticed the devastation on what fire can do  - hit this building and not this one , jump one ridge and completely turn the next one into ashes . The HQ is set up in a Baptist Church parking lot and in the back of tis lot you can see the main sanctuary but in front of the church was concrete sections that used to be walls of the youth house , burned chairs still arranged in a semi circle 5 deep facing the front of what use to be a classroom. There were two young men in work outfits, masks and gloves gently removing things and separating burnt metal in one pile , ashes in another among other piles . There was a wheel barrow with a 2x2 wooden frame with a type of chicken wire in the bottom - this is used for sifting ash piles . I didnt think much about it but then it hit me shortly after while Don was showing us around .

On one of the 3 to four foot column of burnt concrete blocks was a burnt outline of a cross . Don asked me to look at it and then explained that when he asked the pastor of the church what used to hang on that wall the pastor told him he knew what the upright part was but the arms or the cross were not there . For most Im sure there would be chills but for me it was another realization of God being there .

I know I wanted the kids we took to see and experience this but yesterday was also as much for me and it just hit about 30 minutes ago and ill tell u why in a bit .

While watching these volunteers going through the remains of this building I asked Don wouldn't it be easier to take a bobcat and use the fork to grab what you can and shake it out to separate the large stuff and then pile it up or put it in dumpsters ? Would nt it be more efficient ?

Don stopped faced me and said " We are not about efficiency !!! " we are about the hands and feet of God !! - I knew he was serious and at that moment was hoping I didnt offend him with my question and Don being Don very calmly and with so much heart explained their purpose of they are they to save what they can and to be able to minister to the family and people effected by what has just happened to them .

He then told me a story about one family. Don is a volunteer coordinator and also asses each house or project to line up volunteers , counselors, pastors and equipment then sets the job in place .

This story is not exact but it is as close as i can remember what he said from my memory .

A father and son were away from their house doing something and the wife and two daughters were at home . The wife called the husband in fear saying they were trapped between two fired closing in on the house . Nothing was able to be done and the father and son would not get to the house  . The wife and two daughters passed away in their home . When the pastors , crews and Don were able to get into the house the father and son were there . The crews started gently sifting through the ashes and in one of the 2x2 sifting boxes was a coffee mug handle with the words " I Love You Mommy !"
This was part of a mug her daughters had given her. The husband held it so tight .
These volunteers had gone into a place and saved the handle of a coffee mug. Something this father will treasure for the rest of his life and also his sons.

Driving has always been a time of peace and reflection for me and when we left the church parking lot we drove through Gatlinburg and headed towards Cherokee and Maggie Valley to go through the  mountains to head home. We stopped at small pull overs to take a look at the mountains and views and it was all right before sunset . We saw signs of the fires for probably 30 miles along with the other sign of Gods beauty in the icicles hanging from the rocks by the road and the rolling hills for miles and miles when were on top . I thought about what we had just experienced but it didnt really hit me until just a little bit before I starting writing this blog . My thoughts coming home were of the families who had been effected , the families we have been involved with, those we have not even met yet , the schedule of the next coupe of weeks and even the upcoming season in spring and all we still need to do . Other thoughts were of Christmas and how we were going to take care of our family and families this season , bills and all the other stuff we allow into our heads .

This morning I woke up knowing it was time to get the house back in order , so much stuff to do around here cause it backs up so easy with how much we do outside the home . It got the better of me this morning and my stress level was elevated in trying to find things that should be where they should be but were not to do what was needed to be done.  This also causes other things to snowball and once the snowball got big enough and I wanted to snap I heard the Christmas music over the tv that Shelby had turned on and I immediately had to go outside and just cry. Yep - it hit that hard . I am upset cause the rooms arent clean, some of the laundry isnt put up and tired of always having the house a mess and we need to do even more to keep up and BANG - like a bullet to the heart the emotions broke through the exit wound and I cried .

Not 18 hours before I had heard of a man who stood on the yard of what used to be his house with his son by his hand and he was holding a coffee mug handle . This same man who would give everything he owned to be able to tell his daughter to clean her room , to have his wife turn on the tv to Christmas music, to do anything of the things that I did when I woke up this morning. A man, who while I am worried about things for this season for my kids would give anything to see his girls  and son in a Christmas play in one of the classrooms of the youth house that no longer sat there with his wife sitting beside him holding her hand .

This Christmas will be what it should be  - celebrating the birth of our Jesus Christ and the blessings and sacrifice of his life for me and my family . It will be about my family and making sure each of them and all of you know that they and yall are loved .

We have two weeks until Christmas , please make sure you spend time with those you love and let your family and friends know how blessed you are for them . Hug them, hold them , celebrate this season by getting together with them and cherishing that time .

So from My Family to Yours  - Merry Christmas and We Love yall,

Coach Mike, Shelby, Michaela and Jordan

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Good Morning Sandlot Nation ,

SANDLOT FALL REGISTRATION 2016 is now OPEN !!!!!!!!!! - click on the registration link and sign your players up.

I am so excited for the fall season and getting back to playing some baseball . If you know of anyone looking for a place with incredible families and awesome kids to play ball please have them sign up or contact me at anytime .

We will be starting practices the week of September 6th and our first games will be on Saturday Sept 17th with our last games on Saturday, October 29th . We start the week of the 6th so that all of our families have a week to get back into a school routine and then come out and play ball.

If you are a first time family this season to The Sandlot  - Welcome , we are so blessed to have yall and we look forward to getting to know each of yall this season. I hope your family will enjoy our program and also get so much out of what we do which is made greater by our families.

 A main question I get from new families is about what kind of equipment is needed for Sandlot . We ask that every player has a glove, cleats and pants . We are blessed every year with donations of equipment so if your ball player does not have any of these please come to the fields and see if we have his or her sizes before buying anything . One of the best things about a donated glove is that it is already broken in and that is awesome. As far as a batting helmet and bats - we have plenty for each division and again have some donated every season. Since we are a community league we ask that if a player brings his or her own bat then they share . The player is not required to share his or her own helmet .

The One Project / Sandlot baseball is a 501 3c Non Profit and all donations are tax deductible. If you choose to donate equipment or monetary gifts then we will be more than happy to give you a receipt. We have a good number of " Scholarship " players so if you would like to donate a scholarship or any amount please go to our web site and click on the Paypal button to do so or you can mail a check to : The One Project - 490 Little John Road, Kernersville, NC 27284 .

Thanks for taking the time to read about The Sandlot and The One Project and if you or anyone you know is in need of a speaker or would like us to come to talk with any groups about our program please send me an email at :

See yall at The Sandlot and Lets Play Ball

Coach Mike Isaacson

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good Morning Sandlot Nation,

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and kids are having a blast after working so hard this past year in school .

Sandlot Spring 2016 was to myself and Shelby and amazing season ( except for the floods - lol ) . We had so many accomplishments by our players both on and off the fields and that is what Sandlot is all about - seeing our ball players doing Gods work not only on the fields but at home , school and in the community . We had several players baptised this season and it is so special when one of them comes up to me to let me know.

We were also blessed with donations of equipment and supplies this season . Lend Lease ( VA contractors ) donated a 40 foot trailer that has been turned into an equipment and supply trailer . Our awesome crew came in and built shelves and thanks to Drew , Sean , and Dan for the supplies and expert carpentry skills. The back 1/4 of this trailer is going to be our clothing and food donation room to where any sandlotter can come and get supplies of they need it . We will finish and start stocking this room by the beginning of Fall Ball 2016 . So if you have any clothes - mainly kids (  ages 3 - 16 ) and any canned foods please set them aside and we will put out another post as to when we will be accepting these goods .

Most of yall already know this but for many who do not - One of my biggest issues is our problem with the gigantic number of children who do not eat and are not clothed in our community .

The One Project / Sandlot Baseball is getting involved and tweaking a program I heard about over a year ago that will STOP childhood hunger and lack of clothing and its really very simple . Every school in the Triad allows us to come in and use ONE room - just ONE . We will build shelves on one side and clothing racks on the other side . Every week families of these schools spend 1 to 5 dollars more a week ( thats it ) on food and have their child bring it in a bag and leave it in a drop box or designated drop area at school. These families will also do the same with any clothes that no longer fit their children. Simply bag them up and drop them off . Every school has a PTA or some sort of volunteers. These volunteers will take all donations and sort them accordingly in The ONE room . Every teacher knows the needs of his or her students and at the end of the day can walk that student into The One Room and load a backpack with clothes and food then send them home . SIMPLE - NO KID HUNGRY NO KID NOT CLOTHED . We have another step we are prepared to do . When YOU go to your childs school and present this idea - which by the way is currently in a few schools in North Carolina so its already allowed, we The ONE Project and Sandlot Baseball will bring our tools and supplies and build the shelves and clothing racks on site for that school. We are blessed to announce that since we presented this idea to our families at our awards three weeks ago we have already been contacted by a Sandlotter to do a room at a school here in Kernersville and hopefully will be setting it up by the end of July . If you or any of your friends have any building experience or any ONE of your gifts from God that can make this or any program like this work in your school then jump on it . It doesnt matter if The One Project / Sandlot Baseball does it or another group does this program  - What matters is that children get fed and clothed. I heard about a room like this over a year ago and it just makes sense - a very simple, low to nearly nothing budget project that gets CHILDRENS NEEDS MET.

Childhood hunger is a very serious issue in a majority of communities and I see so often when I go to our ball players schools to eat lunch with them. It has to be dealt with and fixed NOW . I have talked with friends and members of several churches in the Triad about this and have found another way to help . I have a philosophy that I have prayed about, asked numerous friends who I trust and value their opinion and have come to realize a problem that I know might sting to some but it needs to be addressed .

How is it that we have so many churches in our community and yet there are still hungry kids ? Why is there not a yearly community conference with every Christian leader to come together and make this go away? Some churches may be addressing this and its awesome but for those who are not - why and for those addressing the issue how can you do more ? If your program is touching and  feeding kids why are you not going to other churches and showing them how you are doing it. If a church has three programs or 10 programs how hard would it be to take 5 to 10 percent of that programs budget and touch 1 family or 10 families yearly. Take that 5 or 10 percent from each budget and build their own One room and have families come to the church . Im not saying families are not being helped but what I am saying is there are still hundreds of children who are not being fed and that is not acceptable as Christians or even non  Christians to have that in our community. Another issue that I hear from leaders is that the money and resources might be in place but the man power is lacking and I completely understand that issue - It is a basic truth in any church or organization and i hear it weekly- there is a lack of volunteers and the amount of time they put in ! Again - I am not saying there are not people who do not put in a huge amount of their time volunteering or using their gifts to help their community but on average those numbers are so very low . Look around your church or organization and notice who is dedicating their time on a consistent basis - from my views and views of those close to me its the same people year after year . I have presented an issue that some are going to take offense but I was once told by a very wise man - dont present an issue without a solution - here is the solution - evaluate your level of giving back and if you are honestly comfortable then awesome , if not do something about it - NOW . How important are the things you and your family are doing and what can you change to do more for your community ? Step out of your comfort zone and try , if it doesnt work try again , if it doesnt work try something else . Figure out what your passions or your families passions are and dive into it. Personally I cant imagine someone seeing a child or family go hungry and not have a passion for it . Find a family, ask your kids if they have a classmate who needs something and build relationships with that family. Do something but do it consistently . Serving at a local shelter once or twice a year is NOT consistent. Use the gifts God has given you and make a difference weekly . We have several key people in our organization who are behind the scenes and most of you have never met out at The Sandlot but they are using their gift/s to make a difference all year round . You can come to Sandlot at anytime and see folks with no baseball experience at all stepping way out of their comfort zone coaching or assisting and touching lives , building relationships and giving back far more than teaching a kid to throw or hit a ball . We also have those who can do more and we will be challenging them in the up coming months to do more , in fact this post is the start of that challenge .

 I know how many families that The One Project touch every year and it is amazing and we are not a very large organization in comparison to other Christian organizations . I tell families on a weekly basis that we have everything but finances and yet God still works through all of our families to touch others daily . The One Project / Sandlot baseball is going to do what we can by building The ONE Room in any school we can because that is the best way for our program to help since we have very limited resources . We have donated materials to build shelves and racks and the dedication of our families to help build these rooms. If you and your family want to get involved with The One Project and or Sandlot Baseball please contact me with questions or concerns .

If you want to donate to our program please click the paypal button and donate or contact me for an address to mail a check . If you are in the area please feel free to stop by Sandlot - we will be starting Fall Ball 2016 the first week of September.

May God continue to fuel your passion and bless each of you this summer,

Coach Mike

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hey Sandlot Nation ,

Its been a while since I last posted anything cause we have been " Slam BUSY " . Sandlot Spring 2016 season has two more weeks left and it has flown by ( maybe drifted by with all the rain we have had ) and yet it has been incredible . I had a conversation with some very good friends and also Sandlotters yesterday after one of the games and we were talking about the feeling of Sandlot . I know we flood Facebook and any other social media outlet with comments and pictures about Sandlot and The One Project but its just not the same .

I had some very special guests yesterday , two of my cousins from Durham and my aunt who flew in from Florida . They had come into town to eat lunch with my folks and then come see Sandlot . It was wonderful having them there and getting to visit and then they left to go see my folks . After they left one of my buddies were talking about how awesome it was for them to take the time to come out and then he said something that really hit home . " you can see the pictures and read all the posts but you just cannot truly understand this place until you come here " . His statement has been on my heart all day and night and into this morning.

" You can see all the pictures and read all the posts , but you cannot truly understand this place until you come here "

And he is exactly RIGHT !! . There is a feeling out at Sandlot , a softness on ones heart , a place where worries and cares seem so small and insignificant . There is so much love and devotion for one main cause - raising up our youth . Where everyone is using their gifts from God to improve others no matter how big or small those gifts may be . To see mothers or fathers out on the tee ball fields encouraging not only their kids but others with awesome words . Seeing the rows of chairs each week during practice and also games of family and friends cheering on every game and to see the response of our players after every hit , catch and throw is priceless but it cannot be completely understood on any social page or picture . There's a breeze in the air , a touch of warmth from the sun , the smell of the grass and dirt and most of all - There's a presence of Gods love.

Three weeks ago I had a less than better day and had to get to The Sandlot to get the fields ready . I mean it was a rough rough day and my mind and body were feeling the stress and drain of that day . I pulled down in the far driveway to drive behind our trailer at the tee ball fields and parked . Opened the truck door and when my foot hit the ground a calmness swept over me. This was Sandlot , a place where we say leave your worries at home or in the car because this is a safe place where our kids can be kids and no outside adult issues can be seen or heard . I have thought about that feeling I felt so many times and I am convinced it was one of Gods gentle reminders saying " Coach , you have had a rough day and it is hard for you to let it go so I am going to take this one for now ! " and HE did . The second my foot hit the ground it was calmed .

Sandlot has been blessing after blessing to me and my family as it has been to those families who tell me their stories and feelings. There have been so many sacrifices my family has had to make and yet the blessings seem to outweigh them every time . Sandlot and The One Project are what they are because of God and Our families  - Simple.

Every Saturday I get to go out to the fields around 6 am to start preparing for the day and I am immediately blessed . You see , Most people have a sunrise service once a year  - I and those who join me to prepare for game day have them 16 times a year - 8 games in the spring and 8 in the fall . The sun comes up on our fields down by our tee ball field , it rises up over the trees and illuminates Sandlot to let us know whats coming, The kids and families. it is a reminder and comfort that this day is a gift as are everyone who will drive out that day to play, coach, cheer, volunteer or just watch. For me , it is a gift that I get to be a part of that day and the experiences I am blessed to witness.

I have VIP seating ( well everyone has VIP seating ) but mine is in centerfield . My view is of the players and families and I invite anyone to take some time to join me . I have seen so much beauty from centerfield . I see all the players , standing on base , playing in the dirt , catching, throwing, hitting , running , warming up , talking in the dugout and benches , hugging , supporting , wandering, snacking, laughing, crying ( yes we have some of that - lol ) and just being kids . I see the coaches , explaining, supporting, hugging, tickling, loving,laughing,  running, chasing balls , positioning kids, advising, assisting, encouraging, stressing ( we have that also - ), comforting, setting up equipment along with putting up equipment , twirling and raising players up for accomplishments .
I see the parents, family and friends , cheering, talking , encouraging, laughing, holding their little ones not old enough to play, sitting beside there children who are there supporting siblings ( most on some form of electronics - lol ) , trying to watch one child play while their other or others are are the playground, grading papers since they are teachers while there kid is on the field, sitting at our picnic bench with their family eating after a game , sitting in the sun just trying to relax after a busy day, talking to another parent getting support for something in their lives or giving support or an open ear for another, trying to get some emails out on their phone while still watching the days events , taking pictures from the best angle they can get of their child or grandchild ( which is neat cause we say everyone has a press pass meaning get on the field if you need to ). I see the players running to those who came to watch getting hugs and high fives for a nice catch , nice hit or even nice attempt . The compassion and love for a player if he or she falls down, gets hit with a ball, doesn't make a play. I see the care a coach gives to a child if he or she is just having a bad day.
From centerfield I can see the playground area where kids swing, slide, climb, play in the sandbox , run around, break out of shells they had before they got there like shyness and making friends. The families who have known each other talking and sharing and also making new family friends .

" You can see all the pictures and read all the posts , but you cannot truly understand this place until you come here ".

If you are or have been a Sandlotter I hope you have felt something special at least once , if you haven't I pray you will take the time to look around and feel something special.

If you have never been to Sandlot I invite you at anytime .

Lets Play Ball,

Coach Mike , Shelby , Jordan and Michaela Isaacson

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hey Sandlotters , Never get old seeing how God is always working in all of our lives and below is a letter to a corporation " IN DETAIL " ( yall know me - never short of words - lol ) that is a really cool experience I wanted to share . I hope it reaches each of yall in the sense of what you do everyday and how you can bless someone while you work, play, shop or simply by going out into the community without even knowing the whole story of that person until later. The One Project moto is using at least one gift from God to assist someone else or more in our community and this wonderful lady Alfreda did that twice by doing what she does everyday and I hope it may touch yall to know that you probably do it also without even knowing. I have taken some of this email out since I have read it again but yall hopefully get the meaning.

What is at least ONE gift that you are utilizing everyday ? Keep on  !!!!

Coach Mike


Dear Alamo/ National / Enterprise Corporation,

I am writing you in reference to one of the most wonderful and professional and caring people I have met in your industry in a very long time  - Alfreda Morrow - Popoola.

In late june 2015 my 82 year old father and I received a call from his sister in law that his 80 year old brother had become ill in New York City on a baseball bus tour to the east coast from Sioux City Iowa and that if any family wanted to see him before he passed away to get to New York immediately. At approximately 2:00 pm I had my wife drive us in our 2002 Ford Explorer to the airport in Greensboro ( from Kernersville - where we live ) to rent a vehicle since I new our car would not make it. This is where I first met Alfreda and told her what was going on and that I needed a vehicle desperately . I did not know , however , that it was also the same weekend as the National Gymnastic Competition in Greensboro and that they were very short on vehicles . Alfreda went above and beyond her duties in putting us in a 2015 Kia Sedona van at a rate that was so thoughtful . This allowed us to leave Greensboro by 5pm and also allowed us to take my 11 year old son so he could ride comfortably . We reached the hospital in New York at 3:00 am and my father was sitting beside his brother by 3:30 am. Uncle Ray passed at 2 pm that Wednesday and there would have been no way my father would have been able to be with his brother if not for God crossing our paths with Alfreda. My father mentioned this several times on the way home Thursday. 
Thursday afternoon when we got back to Greensboro it was decided that it would be best for my father and mother to make the trip to Sioux City , Iowa for the funeral by driving. I went back to the Greensboro airport and talked again with Alfreda who extended our contract in the same vehicle at a very reasonable weekly rate . This blessing was tremendous since it now allowed my mother , father, wife and two children 9 and 11 to make the trip to be with family . There would have been no way possible to do this if we would have had to fly or drive my vehicle which again would not have made the trip . 

We left Friday morning and pulled into Sioux City, Iowa Saturday afternoon in time to get settled in with family and to make the viewing on Sunday afternoon along with funeral and burial Tuesday afternoon.
Again the blessing by this simple and wonderful act of Alfreda continues since my fathers oldest sister was also in hospice in Arizona and allowing us to drive to Iowa got my father closer to his sister .  My Fathers younger sister ( 73 ) from California had her grandaughter drive them in for the funeral and we decided to have my folks ride to Arizona with them so that my father could see his older sister one more time .and myself and my family would drive back to kernersville and return the vehicle.
My Aunt had been bed ridden for the past two weeks with home hospice coming every day. When my mother and father arrived in Arizona two days after leaving Sioux City and dad went to his sisters bedside for a bit the family decided to go out to get something to eat . As everyone was getting ready my aunt who , again, had been bedridden for weeks got up and started getting ready also . When asked what she was doing she replied she was going to dinner with them . My aunt passed away two weeks later and at her request did not want any kind of service . My father got to be by his brothers side when he passed in New York, attend all funeral services in Sioux City, Iowa and say his goodbyes and eat one more meal out with his older sister in Arizona all because of the kind heart and blessing of Alfreda Morrow - Popoola.

And the blessing did not stop there . 

My wife and I started a Christian Non Profit five years ago dedicated to youth in our community and immediate response to the needs of our community , The One Project and a program under The One Project called Sandlot Baseball . 
Sandlot baseball is a non compete christian league where all children are welcome. Sandlot was built by myself and my wife and volunteers on a horse pasture donated by the owner for $1.00 a year . Your can see what we have done by going to and also see The One Project which is immediate response to our community , we have built bathrooms and re done houses for the elderly and single mothers , repaired vehicles, bought groceries for needy famiillies, clothes for kids , spent time in our local pediatric cancer wards and whatever else needs attention during the day in our community . In doing this we have lost our house three cars and a 29 foot trailer we owned and we would do it all again tomorrow for these children and families. I currently own a 1995 chevy truck that was my fathers and will one day be my sons and my wife owns a 2002 Ford Explorer that was given to us by one of our board members for payment on labor for build a deck at one of his rental houses . We called it Work For Wheels , lol.

With both of these vehicles you can imagine the things that go wrong and I am telling you all this to lead in to Alfredas most recent blessing . My wife Shelby's vehicle , the Explorer , has a mind of its own and decides to give her heat at random along with cutting off when cold and my truck has an engine issue that we were going to fix once we received our taxes back. Friday , February 12th my truck decided that it was time for the rear end to break and shelbys Explorer heat quit for good . I had reached the end and called my father to come and get me at my friends automotive shop and take me to the Greensboro airport to rent a vehicle for Shelby and the kids until I could figure out what to do . We pulled into the airport walked up to the counter and there was our angel once again who quickly looked at both myself and my father and said " Hey , how was yalls trip to Iowa ? ". Are you kidding me ? We had not seen Alfreda since the end of June and you can imagine the number of people she sees on a daily basis working at the airport and her first questions is " How was your trip to Iowa ?". Dad lit up in her remembering that time for him.

I approached the counter and told her how good it was to see her and again what a blessing she was to us during that time and then told her I needed a vehicle ( economy ) nothing flashy or nice . even told her if she has a Prius with s sunroof to where I could stick my head out if it was to small . Something to get us by.
Alfreda then typed the information into her computer and told me a price which I thought was very fair for an economy vehicle and then told me my choices of a Maibu or Dodge Charger . I asked her if that was right and she asked me which one I wanted and I quickly thanked her and chose the charger knowing my wife and kids would love the experience. This past Friday I had to extend my contract another week and may have to again since my truck is still not acting right and im driving the Explorer . 
Alfredas blesing has allowed my wife and kids to experience a comfortable and safer vehicle while I try to get everything repaired and it has been so wonderful seeing their faces just for a bit while the " ride in style " as my son calls it.

I have dealt with rental agencies for years in my travels and have also had numerous friends work for your company at Enterprise along with a nephew who spent years as a truck rental manager in this area and Charlotte and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible person you have working at the desk in the Greensboro airport - Alfreda Morrow - Popoola. 

In what my family has done and seen in the last five years we realize that the small blessings are just as wonderful as the gigantic and the love and kindness that my family has experienced with Alfreda will be remembered for years to come.

I will be a Alamo / National and Enterprise customer for life now and plan to let many other know of these wonderful acts of kindness . The One Project moto is what can you do with at least ONE gift from God and Alfreda is living proof of our motto.

Thanks and roll on,

Coach Mike Isaacson
The One Project / Sandlot Baseball
490 Little John Road
Kernersville, NC

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

OH YEAH OH YEAH - ITS SANDLOT TIME AGAIN - Spring 2016  registration is open and Shelby , Michaela , Jordan and I are so excited for this upcoming season.

This post is going to be a little different . Most of the time when you read about a non profit there are a bunch of stories followed by a request for money and assistance . So I am going to tell you that there is going to be that but later. I want you to know that this is not solely about raising funds but about the PROGRAM and where we started and where we HAVE to be so I am mentioning funds right up front.

These past five years have been absolutely incredible and we cannot wait to see what God has in plan for us the next five . Our season will start March 14th and run through the first week in June.

The One Project and Sandlot Baseball has been our passion to go out into the community and do what ever we can for whom ever with immediate response. It has allowed others to find one of their God given talents and passions to go out and make a difference in so many ways. I often say I wish God would have shown me this path earlier in my life but I keep coming back to the conclusion that HE knew it wasnt my time and also I needed to get out of my own way and grow more in life lessons to be able to do this . God is still teaching me so much as far as patience, humility ( believe it or not ) , love, forgiveness ( a tough one for me  ), strength ( everyday ) , understanding and many other things.

The road has been probably the toughest I have traveled , sacrifice has been at times extreme for my family and friends but I tell you this because everytime God has a bright and shinning light and it is incredible . This past year was full of doubt and worry about our future and every time God showed me HE has a plan and control . Sometimes it was an answer to a prayer and others a simple gesture or hug from a parent or child we have touched or an introduction to a new child or family.

One of our hardest things to get started in our Non Profit application was to be able to define what we were all about and we found ourselves focusing on youth mainly and then being there whenever we could for those in our community. God placed us in the right spot at the right time every time and as we grew we found he was doing it to others we had contact with. I have often, since we started , been called upon to look at home repair jobs ( what I do to pay the bills ) and have found a need that The One Project needed to handle instead. A single mom with two wonderful girls whos bathroom needed work , a vehicle that needed to be repaired, a meal that needed to be given, a tree that needed to be cut down, singles that needed to be repaired, a house that flooded and needed fixing are just a few of the things The One Project has done since we started five years ago.

We have eaten lunches with kids at school , counseled kids at home, donated clothes, toys, baseball equipment , taken fishing and hunting, taken groceries to homes, I am probably leaving out a bunch because I honestly cant remember them all and dont care to since there is SO MUCH left to do.

I have often said that with Sandlot we dont offer baseball to families we use baseball to touch families. I am realizing that the off season is so hard for me not because I cant coach but because I cant see all of our kids and families shine . There are so many wonderful things written and spoken to Shelby and I about what the Sandlot and The One Project mean to them and their families but it is attributed to what these families put into the program and it is incredible and I am blessed weekly to be a part of it.

She is going to give me grief about this but watching Shelby and all she does for our community makes me believe what I tell our friends that I married way out of my league ( nice baseball pun ) and she does it selfless and with an intense love. Her countless hours behind the scenes for both The One Project and Sandlot baseball and also at our kids schools volunteering along with taking care of us at home have amazed me. Her sacrifice for what we do and to stand beside me through this journey strengthens me and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be her husband and the mother of our kids. There have been so many times I have wondered how she finds the strength and patience with me and this journey and yet she is there everyday . Even when her fibromyalgia and fatigue hits her hard. If you ever want to see a remarkable love for others please come out to the fields and see her with our young people . Watch her hug on, love on, sit with, run bases with, talk with these kids .

Not many fathers would ask a 7 year old and 5 year old ( when we started 5 years ago ) to sacrifice many things to do what we do but to see them and their love for God and others and to put aside their wants for others has been remarkable . Jordan and Michaela are our blessings and I could not be any more proud of them both. At the end of the day when the tell me they believe in what we are doing and it comes from a now 10 year old and a 12 year old it warms my heart .

I wish there was enough time and memory in my computer to let you all know each and every story , maybe one day a book will help and one written by someone more eloquent than me. Please trust me in our first five years we have enough stories to make up a real good feel good read.

The One Project and Sandlot Baseball HAS TO GROW and will grow but it takes a community and Im not only talking about the one we live in. It takes any and all who are able to read this post. It has to grow because there are children and families that need comfort, food, a break, a time to know that there are others out there who truly care for them . There are houses that need mending, bills that need to be paid, clothes that need to be bought, lessons that need to be taught and hugs passed around like the wind all of these things and more that show Gods love and grace and most of all HOPE .

We need our own facility, one that puts everything we do in a central location so we can do what we do there and also go out and find and assist in needs outside . We need a facility for a safe zone for our children and families , our baseball fields ( or any other field ) to continue to reach our youth. We need volunteers with their passions and at least one gift from God to fuel themselves and others. This program started in a small home and a horse pasture ( Sandlot ) and has done so much. I cant wait to see what it does as we grow. We will be presenting more details soon about a facility but we have to start NOW .

We need scholarships for Sandlot , no family has ever been turned away because of financial needs and never will . The amount of equipment such as pants, cleats, gloves has been awesome and it goes out as fast as it comes in . Nothing better to see a child who started with us turn in his or her glove because they out grew it to choose one bigger . We tell our kids that their first glove is theirs and if they outgrow that one that they can still keep it since the first glove is usually very special and still we have kids turn them in so that another can use it . We need equipment to maintain our fields and also use when we go out and assist families .

We need donations for our general fund to continue to fix houses, assist in bills, clothing and every need one can think of to give a family HOPE . My personal passion is food . To make sure that no one is hungry child or adult . It is amazing to see someones face when presented with a weeks worth of groceries and expect nothing in return.

There are more but the LAST one is : We need to make this our main priority, I about said full time but it already is . There is to much to do in our community and our focus needs to be on our mission but Shelby and I cannot do more without taking care of our family and minimal bills. I have struggled with this and how I mention it but it is what it is.

My vision was for any and all business' to donate what they could and during this for everyone else to donate at least ONE dollar ( sure more if you like ). All corporate donations would be towards our yearly budget and all individual donations would be used for immediate response in our community or where ever the needs arise and these needs arise daily . At this moment is have several needs such as a new roof on a family that has special needs foster children ( who also play at the Sandlot ) , two single mothers who have issues with both of their houses, funds to buy groceries for another single mother and child along with assisting in paying some bills, clothes for four children of one family.

Please go to our website at if you need more information or want to give . there are two separate Paypal buttons or you can contact me directly at 336-707-1655 or

If you know anyone in the Triad who could benefit from our baseball league or needs assistance please pass our information on to them or let me know. If you have a free Saturday come on out and watch these awesome kids play , meet our families and just enjoy a day out at the ball park.

If our program has touched you in anyway through The One Project or Sandlot Baseball please drop me an email or a letter we would love to hear from you.

The One Project is  - what can u do with at least ONE gift from God .
Sandlot Baseball is building Faith, Family and Community ... ONE inning at a time.

May God Bless you every day and lets play ball,

With Much Love,

Coach Mike, Shelby, Jordan and Michaela Isaacson