Sunday, March 27, 2011

Schedules / games / teams

Hey everyone , I am please to announce that the number one team mom of all time ( Shelby ) has been working very hard on the Schedules / Teams and Practice dates along with compiling the emails and info of all athletes . She emailed a mass email to everyone tonight so please make sure you check your email .

Hopefully the rain this weekend and project rain for part of this week will not effect our practice schedule but if it does we will adjust accordingly.

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank all of the people in The Seekers Sunday School class at Glenn View Baptist Church for there wonderful prayers and words of encouragement for The Sandlot . It really means alot to both Shelby and I.

I am hoping to get the Blue Monster built this weekend along with the benches and dugouts for both fields . Also I will be getting the top part of the back stop up for the Main field once we get some equipment to get up there .

Shelby also put a note in the email about parking and I wanted to mention it again because we feel it needs to be addressed for the benefit of the residents around the field . Please only park from the main field backstop down towards Macy Grove Road on the field side ( NOT THE OPPOSITE SIDE ) also there is parking at the end of the field behind the outfield to the right of the dirt road going through the woods .

We are now down to two weeks before Opening day and it is AWESOME !!!!! The SANDLOT is a place for everyone and to see all GOD has blessed us with out there with the fields , families and kids has been wonderful. Shelby and I would appreciate all pictures yall are taking for our blog , web site and emails . If you have the time to put them on a disc that would be great but if you want to email that would be fine also.

Moving forward we need to be getting ready for INVITE A FRIEND to practice . Shelby and I will be discussing with some of the coaches about what week would be best and will be letting everyone soon . This friend can be anyone but if some have the chance to invite a friend that would not normally be able to come out except for The Sandlot that would be cool.

We also have opportunities to scholarship some athletes and any assistance would be greatly appreciated . NO CHILD WILL EVER be turned away due to financial issues and all scholarships will be awarded anonymously. Please see Shelby or myself with any questions you might have about this and thanks .

Second week of The Sandlot start tomorrow - Lets Play Ball.

Coach Mike