Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring 2013 season is almost here

Hey Everyone , I haven't been on here much in the last month since Shelby and I and a bunch of others have been working on getting this season ready to kick off with a bang.
I want to start off with publicly thanking my much better half for her dedication and devotion to all of our athletes and their families with so much behind the scenes work that makes The Sandlot what it is .
It amazes me daily watching her and all that she does with the administration side, setting up teams, handling registration, redoing teams, scheduling games for the season, redoing teams lol and so much more . I love you sweetheart and am proud to be your husband and friend .

Along with Shelby there have been others during the off season who have been instrumental in what we do and to those folks we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are also so blessed to have you be a part of this project.

I am so proud to be able to say that we have reached a new record of athletes this season and it is awesome seeing God at work with all of the families returning along with our new Sandlotters. My most difficult time of the year is the off seasons, the doubt, the concern, the wondering if I am doing the right thing for my family and others creeps in during this time and I assume it would be that way for anyone in our position. I find myself being tested daily and there are some days I fail miserably during this time. I am telling you all this as a testimony that God is always with us and he shows this to us all the time during great times and bad and the great times this year have been during our spring sign ups. Everyday since we started our sign ups, Shelby and I have been blessed to talk with so many people both new and old to our program and it raises our spirits to new highs. We realize more every season that God's vision of The Sandlot and The One Project is something so special that we are humbled just to be a part off. The Sandlot is so much more to us and others than just a baseball league, it is a place where so many others with so many likes and dislikes can fellowship, where our young people can build self esteem and have fun ( and maybe even learn a little baseball - haha ) and everyone has the opportunity to use at least one gift from God to reach out to others which is what The One Project is all about. To see a young person catch his or her first pop fly, hit their first ball, improve from season to season in so many ways and to see them grow as wonderful children of God is something so very special to see.

Our Season starts this coming Monday and will last until the first week of June . I invite all who are reading this to come out to a practice or game and support our wonderful athletes and families. I also ask for yalls prayers that the Gods guidance will continue to be heard , that his love surround our fields and that all involved can feel His grace this season.

Thanks again to everyone around the country for their continued support of our program and our families . Now LETS PLAY BALL .

Coach Mike.

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