Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sandlot Update

Hey everyone, It has been an awesome week out at the sandlot and it is awesome seeing everything really starting to take shape and how many wonderful blessings we have happen everyday. The Tee Ball field has been measured out and the base lines cut in ( actually tilled in ) and hope to get things leveled out before Saturday with a little dirt and some dragging . We still have a bunch to do and anyone who can come out this weekend is very much welcome .
We are having sign ups again next Saturday from 8 - 4 ( i think its 4 but I will confirm with Shelby ). The Logo is being digitized and will be ready Friday ( which means we can start on uniforms, hats, shirts and whatever else we want to stitch ) .

The Blue Monster will be being built within the next two days and I cannot wait to see the final product . Jennifer and Chris Joines came up with a donation Tub for cleates, gloves, balls or whatever can be used for the athletes and on day one we had a Grandmother show up with 8 bags of balls ( thank you so much , you know who you are and you are a blessing to us along with your family. ). God is working in this program daily and Shelby and I are humbled by everyones generosity and love for The Sandlot / The One Project .

I am putting together teams and coaches and will post all of them hopefully by Monday after our second registration . I would like to have first practices by next Thursday and again first game is changed to April 9th. Even if you dont have a loved one playing we would love for you and your friends to join us on Opening Day . Dr. Bill Coleman ( our pastor at Glenn View Baptist ) has agreed to give the opening prayer. We will also have a dedication of the field along with a couple of presentations - THEN PLAY BALL .

Please continue to follow us through this blog site and if you havent signed up as a follower please do .

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing all of you very soon.

May God Bless your family,

Coach Mike

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