Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Vision is quickly becoming a REALITY !!!

Oh how sweet it is to be sitting on my truck bed after a wonderful day of construction with the Bradford Pear flowers blowing off the trees in a white whirlwind, the sun going down over the pines and the smell of fresh well water just sprayed on the infield while new grass pushed through that awesome red Carolina Clay .

Every time I look over THE SANDLOT I can see the kids running around the bases, playing in the woods while waiting to practice or play a game, the parents and grandparents setting up their lawn chairs and blankets with little coolers of refreshments for all . I can picture the picnic tables full of all familes sharing a great morning or afternoon of spring with the elderly in their hats making sure they stay outta the sun, the smell of Brian Knight's hot dogs covering the smell of the new graded dirt.

But most of all I see our families gaining new and wonderful experiences with others whether its a Tuesday evening practice, a Saturday morning game or a Sunday luncheon after church.

I thank God everyday for the blessings HE has placed on our hearts by introducing my family to all of yours . YOUR families are the reasons ( ALONG WITH GOD ) that I can sit on my truck bed every evening and smile at what each of you has worked so hard to make happen for OUR families . THANK YOU from every place in our hearts for making THE SANDLOT a REALITY.

Now with that - I am pleased to announce that our Tee Ball field has been graded down and with a few more hours of work, we are ready for PRACTICE.

We will have two teams in three divisions . Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Machine / Kid Pitch.

The teams were chosen by Shelby and final say was MINE ( if there are any questions please feel free to ask me at anytime . ) The great thing about Sandlot is that we have the ability to move athletes around, up and down as the season goes on due to abilities. We have placed all athletes by request for coaches, other athletes and days they can or cannot play and can adjust as needed . I also took into account years played, abilities for those I know about and most of all fairness between each team . I hope each of you will be more than happy about the teams and lets PLAY BALL .

Tee Ball - Team A

Mason Sundseth
Javen Tomes
Michaela Isaacson
Will Walser
Kensi Addington
Matthew Knight
Tillman Rymer
Cayden Cole

Team B

Caleb Draper
Jonathan Shearer
Riley Logan
Joseph Roberson
Lindsay Clinard
Lucas Pope
Alex Roberson


Team A

Haleigh Pope
Zac Shearer
Tyler Quinn
Colton Godwin
Eli Godwin
Cole Rouse
Nathan Craver
Will Reaves
Madison Michavd
Lola Knight

Team B

Noah Craddock
Nicholas Thornton
Mason Russ
Jenny Lynn Roberson
Andrew Sodt
Zac Sodt
Cameron Vanchure
Ethan Dennings
Camden Dishman

Machine / Kid Pitch

Team A

Graham Tuck
Jimmy Shetzler
Kirk Roberson
Ashley Sodt
Nathan Sodt
Austin Sundseth
Jordan Isaacson
Mason Hale
Lauren Hale

Team B

Dillion Clinard
Cecil Chambers
Noah Chambers
Josiah Tomes
Ariston Tomes
Chris Walser
Hannah Craver
Matthew Joines
Christopher Joines

THIS WEEK ONLY PRACTICE SCHEDULE - Teams will have regular practice schedules by this SATURDAY ( ON BLOG )

Tee Ball - Team A Thursday 5:45 pm at tee ball field
Team B Wednesday 5:45pm at tee ball field

Coach Pitch - Team A Wednesday 5:45 at Main Field
Team B Thursday 5:45 at Main Field

Machine / Kid Pitch - Team A Thursday 6:45 at Main Field
Team B Wednesday 6:45 at Main Field

These time are for this week only because I want to get a practice in this week, next week ( i know some of you wont be able to because of spring break ) and one more the next week before Season Opener.

Also, I will be talking with all of you about Opening Game - I am going to schedule the three games in a row rather than playing two games at the same time so that we all can support all the players and because we will be having special recognitions during all three games .

Dr . Bill Coleman ( our pastor ) from Glenn View Baptist will open the season with a benediction prayer .

I look forward to seeing everyone this week at Practice and LETS PLAY BALL .

Coach Mike

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  1. Can't wait... sounds like things are ready to roll and spring is in the air! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You are a blessing to so many! Looking forward to a wonderful season on the Sandlot! Play ball!!