Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey everyone, WOW< WOW< WOW is what I have to say about this past week . First off thanks to Adam Logan and the staff at POWERSCREEN in Kville for allowing us to use their skid steer to grade down the tee ball field . That machine allowed us to get a good grade and was the key to having the tee ball field ready for our first practice.
Thanks also to my wonderful wife for all the hard work she did both on the field and off to make our practices go off without a hitch . Shelby , you are an awesome blessing to me and the children we love you very much.

Our first practices went off with a bang this past Wednesday and Thursday and I could not have had a better time with all the athletes from tee ball all the way up to the machine / kid pitch teams. I wanted to also thank the Walkertown Home School Association for allowing me to talk with their entire program ( 50 plus children and parents ) about The SANDLOT at Glenn View Baptist Church on Thursday morning . We had several parents and kids come out and practice from this group and is was great having them and I hope they feel compelled to sign up and join us for this motivationg first season.

Shelby is getting the final schedule ready to send out and I will also put it on our blog once it is done this weekend .

New Information : PARKING - We feel it is very important to make sure the residents in the area are not faced with any complications and I have designated parking as such :

From the tree behind the main field backstop down the field side along the dirt track is OK to park . Just past the right field fence on the main field is a graded driveway area leading down a field behind the outfield - please park on the right side of the grassy road going down past the tee ball field . We should be able to get at least two rows of cars all the way down. Please do not worry about getting your vehicle hit by a fly ball ( YET ) , from home plate to the closest parking space is about 155 feet and there is not any athlete who can hit it that far this season.

The opposite side of the road from the fields , the first base line ( field side ) and in front of the residents home ARE NO PARKING ALLOWED ( please ) .

First Game : The first game will be at 9:00 am on Saturday, April 9th. We would greatly appreciate EVERYONE being there for the opening ceremonies and also staying through the last game . We are going to have game times as follows : 9 - 10 am , 10:30 - 11:30 and 12 - 1 pm. It would be very nice if everyone can be there and cheer on all the athletes for the entire day and also we will be having recognitions during all three games .

Our Donation Box : The donations we have had as far as balls, gloves and cleates have been wonderful - so good that we have one pair of cleates left. If there is any equiptment that your athlete has outgrown or cant use anymore and you want to donate please bring to any practice and Shelby has the green tub in the back of her van so you can put it in there . THANKS !!!!

RESTROOMS : We are now very official with the delivery of port a potties Wednesday . We have been giving a great price on these and thanks to Brian Clinard for getting this deal for us. In saying this please talk over with your athlete that we must treat everything out at The Sandlot with respect and care . The restrooms have a sign of a man and a woman on them and we would like to try actually having a male and female restroom and I think everyone can understand why ?

I want to send out a special thanks to the new parents who assisted in the practices this past week . I wish I could call each of you individually but your assistance was greatly appreciated I anytime a parent wants to help out - Grab a glove and COME ON .

Our registration number of athletes as of last night was 59 and what an awesome number that is and we still have people calling to see if they can get in ( ABSOLUTELY ) . So if any of you hear of a young man or woman wanting to play a lil baseball please have them come out .

Well , this is about all for now and hopefully Shelby and I can blog again tommorow with a final schedule and rosters . WE ARE HAVING a work day out at the Sandlot tommorow ( SATURDAY ) for anyone who wants to come out. It is supposed to rain but not until the afternoon.

May you all have a blessed weekend ,

Coach Mike

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