Sunday, April 17, 2011

Make up games

Hey Sandloters, what an intense storm this weekend . First off I want to request we all keep all of those who were affected by this storm in our prayers . Three people who lost their lives were connected by family within our league and the flag will be flown at half mast this week in respect to those and the rest who passed this weekend . Also be in prayer for those first responders and volunteers headed over to assist . Stacy Rymer (mom of Tillman - tee baller and wife of Coach Eric ) has her father ( Don Hall ) who headed down to Sanford on an assesment team for several chain saw crews . Don has a heart as large as his son in law and will need our prayers once he sees the disaster and they families it has affected. There have been several newspaper article in the past two weeks that have been very well written and thanks to those reporters and photographers . The reason I am mentioning this is because Shelby and I have been getting wonderful comments from friends and strangers and we wanted to stress to all that this is a FAMILY LEAGUE and it belongs to everyone not just us . Please take the time to talk with your athletes about how they can influence others by being a vital part of The Sandlot and to shine thier individual light even when they are not on the field . Everyone of our athletes has such wonderful gifts that have already been shown during the last three weeks and I am so proud of each and everyone of them . The Make up games from Saturday will be this week during some of the regular practices . The first game will be the Machine / Kid pitch tommorow Monday at 5:45 . Please try to be at The Sandlot no later than 5:30 to warm up and stretch . Team A will play Team B - After tomorrow we are hoping to return to our normal practice hours and I wanted to mention something about team practice . It is fine if there is a conflict every now and then and it is to be expected for all families but please try to stick to your athletes practice schedule if at all possible . Also in saying this, Shelby and I will have definate teams ( Machine / Kid Pitch - teams are SET ) by Wednesday . Tee Ball teams being briken up to four teams and the Coach Pitch will have three teams and each team will play twice every other week . I know it might sound confusing but is is AWESOME having all these kids . Tuesday : Tee Ball A vs . Tee Ball B @ 5:45 Coach Pitch A vs . Coach Pitch B @ 6:45 This weeks coach pitch teams will be two teams / Saturday will start the three team schedule Thursday : Tee Ball C vs . Tee Ball D @ 5:45 Intial reports say thursday will be rain - if so this game will be Friday @ 5:45. We have a bunch of athletes involved with Awanas at thier designated churches on Wednesdays . I am going to have an optional practice for both Tee ball and Coach Pitch / Machine pitch kids who do not have meetings at 5:45 until parents need to take kids . Coaches - please let me know which practice you can assist in so that I can plan stations for the athletes. Thanks again to all families for their awesome support during this innagural season . Play Ball, Coach Mike

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