Saturday, April 16, 2011

Games cancelled for today !!!!

Hey Sandlot Crew - It pains me to do this but I am going to cancel all games for today due to the weather and also field conditions. I will be posting make up schedule by Sunday afternoon and am almost sure we will have make ups during scheduled practices as to NOT mess up and family scheduling . Hope you all have an absolute awesome weekend and see everyone back at the Sandlot on Monday. Also, I wanted to write and thank my family on Shelby's side - for their donation to sponsor a player . It really means alot and we all apprecite your caring for these athletes. McKenneys sewing in Greensboro - thanks to the owner Mike McKenney for his donation of $80.00 to sponsor an athlete . Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Tugman - ( My best firends parents and both are like second parents to me ) they sponsored an athlete last week with a donation of $80.00 . Thank you so much Nana and Pop and we hope to see you out at the Sandlot Soon. IF any of you know someone who would be interested in sponsoring an athlete please have them contact Shelby or myself at either our emils or cell phones. We are currently sponsoring 15 and it is AWESOME . Have a great and blessed weekend and I'll post make ups as soon as I can . Play Ball, Coach Mike

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