Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Day !!!!!

Hey everyone, I wanted to put up a new post yesterday after opening day but by the time we got home, got something to eat and cleaned up we all hit the rack for the night .

I have to say that Opening Day was wonderful to us and I hope for all of yall . The weather was a little on the chilly side but the athletes were ready to Play Ball . Big shout out to Dr. Bill Coleman for his awesome prayer !!!!!! Bill , your words were perfect for the setting and it meant alot for you to open up with those words .

For those who could not attend but are keeping up with us through this blog . After Bill prayed we presented Tony Kirkman ( the land owner ) and his son Dylan ( named the field after him ) with a certificate of appreciation . We also mentioned several people such as Adam Logan , Adams boss and his company ( Powerscreen ) for the donation of a skid steer and materials ; David Chapell for the use of his tractor ; Brian and Tina Knights Parents for coming out with his tractor and dump truck on this first work day and helping us with cutting and hauling off 9 pine trees ; and all of the other families that took valuble time to come out and make The Sandlot what it has become today.

My daughter wanted to sing the Star Spangled Banner so we all faced the flag out in center field and sang . Thanks to all for doing that since my daughter is still talking about it .

Then it was time to Play Ball - Tee Ball was the first game and I am still smiling at those lil wonderful athletes and their parents running around while in the field and the others batting. A photographer from the Kernersville News came out before opening ceremonies and mentioned the " Cute Factor " - Tee Ball is the definition of " Cute Factor ". Our number one goal in Tee Ball is to make sure the athletes have FUN . Hopefully we will have alot of the pictures downloaded and put on a blog real soon . Also everyone can friend either Shelby or myself on Facebook and see pictures there . If you are a Facebook follower please also friend us at THE ONE PROJECT.
If you have any pictures you dont mind sharing please email or place on a disk and Shelby and I will make sure we get as many on our blog as possible .
An article came out in the Winston Salem Journal this past Thursday and it can be seen on the newspapers web site . Thanks to Lisa ( author ) and Bruce ( photographer ) for a very nice article . We are hoping that pictures will also come out in this Tuesdays edition of The Kernersville News and thanks to them for taking the time to come out and cover Opening Day.
Since the article was published we have had 13 more athletes sign up - AWESOME.
After Tee Ball we moved up to the Big Field and played the Coach Pitch Game and the Machine . Kid Pitch Game. All four teams played their hearts out on both sides of the ball and it is going to be great seeing them improve over the year . We actually moved four athletes up from Coach Pitch to Machine Kid Pitch after their games when we noticed their abilities and spoke to each athletes parents individually.

I have had several people email or call me and ask about sponsorship and scholarship opportunities for The Sandlot .

We do have opportunities for both and let me start with the scholarship program. This program basically covers the entry fee for a player which is $80.00 and is being used to its fullest currently . If you or anyone you know would like to scholarship a player please contact myself or Shelby and it is as simple as writing a check for whatever amount you feel lead to The One Project .

Corporate Sponsorship is also available and all inquiries need to contact me at either my email, cell phone or stop by The Sandlot . NO CHILD WILL EVER BE TURNED AWAY due to financial hardships .

It has been an awesome journey so far and I cannot wait to see where we all go from here - Thanks to everyone for making this vision possible,

Coach Mike .

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