Friday, January 19, 2018


Hey Sandlot Nation , I am so excited to be able to let everyone know that we have opened our registration for our Spring 2018 season . This morning as I was driving by Sandlot and looking at the 6 " of snow covering the fields I could still see all our incredible families and kids all over the place having a blast. Shelby and I are very anxious for this season and to be a part of whatever God see fit to do. 

This season will be filled with many many new life lessons , new faces , new stories and some great baseball . Yes I put baseball as the last item for a reason . We use baseball as one of our programs to brighten Gods light, strengthen our community and bring folks together. The past 6 years have been AWESOME and this past off season I have learned so many things that I want to bring to our program and cant wait to share with you.

We plan to create more areas of skill building and also a more structured practice level to step up our ball players even more so than they are and this will be seen all across our four levels but more so in our Coach Pitch and Kid pitch divisions and that will be introduced to families before the season starts . Our Tee Ball and Modified Tee ball will also have several areas of improvement to grow the abilities of our players . 

Now in saying this there will be two coaches meetings and two general meetings before the season . Anyone who plans to assist in both coaching and also general maintenance of the property will be requested to attend and dates and times will be emailed to those registered for this season . If you are interested in assisting and your child is not playing please message or email me so you can be added to the designated email list for this season . 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and their New Year is starting of great . Please spread the word about Sandlot Baseball to anyone you think could benefit or anyone who might need Sandlot ( I know I do ).

If there is anyone who is interested in donating or scholarships for our players you can go to our website and do so under our Paypal account or you may contact Shelby or myself at anytime.

Lets Play Ball and We cannot wait to see everyone very soon out at THE SANDLOT !!

Love yall,

Coach Mike and Shelby Isaacson

Coach Mike Isaacson
Facebook - Michael Isaacson

Shelby Isaacson

Note : The registration fee has changed to $95.00 this year . The reason is the added $10.00 will be used for snacks after the game for all teams all season that will be handled by Shelby. 
There will not be a team snack list for every team this season .
All allergy issues will be also handled by Shelby so that no player is given anything he or she is not supposed to have after a game .

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