Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Sandlot Nation .

What an incredible Thanksgiving week and weeks since !!!!!!!!
This past WEEK OF HOPE was and still is amazing and Shelby and I are so thankful for everyone not only locally but across the country who gave their own blessing of HOPE .

The week of Thanksgiving was incredible on so many levels , the families we met , the youth and adults who came out and dedicated their time to spreading HOPE , the donations of food, clothing and toys along with financial donations. I continue to let everyone know how blessed I am to be a part of Gods program we have all created here in the Triad and it showed in a huge way.

Nobody who came to our Sandlot left hungry or without clothes who needed it . NOBODY !!!!! To have all our families along with those we just met be able to fellowship all week and especially Thanksgiving day was wonderful. Our families even went out into the community and passed out 80 plus boxes of warm food and prayed with folks they just met . Some of the places I have heard were not places most would venture but with God it was safe and possible. We continued to feed and give HOPE well into the next two weeks and still are .

The youth who spent the week were amazing and I pray learned a great deal about giving back and also doing it without anything in return . Many life lesson were learned that week and the parents who stepped in to counsel and show our youth true HOPE giving I thank yall deeply.

Clean up is just about taken care of and transition to our next projects are underway . I am currently assisting at the Marines Toys for tots warehouse in Greensboro and plan to spend even more time there starting within the next couple of days . Seeing the families who come in to get Christmas for their children is wonderful. Seeing the Marines who know they are also giving HOPE to these families  is a blessing to me . We will also be getting toys from this program to give to our community and passing them out throughout the Christmas season.

We have a 39 foot RV full from top to bottom and front to back of clothes to donate and give out and hopefully we can start organizing and getting out in our community. Anyone who wants to assist in organizing please let myself or Shelby know. Also if anyone knows of someone who needs please let us know. We will have a volunteer meeting around the first of January to let everyone know our plan and see how anyone can assist. This will be for Both THE ONE PROJECT and SANDLOT BASEBALL.

While im thinking about it I want to explain about our programs . THE ONE PROJECT is our Non profit organization , it is to allow us and everyone else to use our ONE or more gift from God to give HOPE and assist our community . One of our main goals is our youth but it doesnt end with that . We are trying with all of our heart to open our hearts and minds to God to see what He has planned for us daily to go out and DO !!!!! In the 8 years we have done everything from building new bathrooms for single mothers, working on vehicles, moving families into new places, cutting trees, cleaning houses, counseling families, transportation, giving food and clothes and toys, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, pressure washing, masonry among many other things. Immediate need to our community . We have also given finances when we had it but the one thing I have always been amazed at is how much we all have done with virtually minimal finances and WOW !!!

Sandlot Baseball - is a part of THE ONE PROJECT , It was created to bring families together for a common goal of God and Children and Family. Sandlot is so much more than a baseball league and Shelby and I are blown away every season to see how God has worked on this little horse pasture and allowed us to be a part of it . More than baseball there are life lessons, sportsmanship, compassion, dedication, love for your fellow man and HOPE taught there. You will hear me say Sandlot Nation a good bit and I mean it . Sandlot Nation is built up with amazing people all over the country and world who use their God given talents to shine God light on others in their own unique way every single day. I cannot speak for others but i know without a doubt it makes me a better person everyday.
Our kids are from ages 3 to 17 and even older . Some of our ball players have returned to give back through mentoring and coaching. Some have even chose to volunteer in one form or another and give back.
I have heard from many that Sandlot is their church and at first I wasnt sure how to feel about that but after talking with others and listening to God while out at the Sandlot I can now understand . I first joking say if it is your church u need to fire your pastor but looking at our older kids this past season I saw the closeness, the fields being used as a judgement free and also accountable to each other place, a place where we all speak of God and Jesus openly and also get questions answered between each other . A place where everyone comes and knows its about God and Families and fits in where they feel comfortable and when they feel comfortable. I have seen and heard stories from our families that individuals would have never stepped our of their comfort zone to shine their light except for Sandlot and that is amazing. Another reason of many I am so blessed to be a part of this . Sandlot and The One Project is NOT mine and Shelbys - It is Gods and we are a part of it. I promise you there is no way I could have done this on my own or created this on my own - ALL GOD !!!
I have seen folks pray in folding chairs down a baseline, comfort others , fellowship with others. I have seen families who have never met who know go almost everywhere together, vacations, dinner, nights out etc. AMAZING . I know years from now I will run into my ballplayers and they will still have contact with other ball players they met at The Sandlot.
I have been blessed to hear how just the fields and area have opened others hearts to hear and trust what God has told them and is telling them. I have seen and been part of conversations that have healed wounds both new and old that might not have happened if Sandlot was not here . I have cried alone when it got so difficult and cried with our families when it was so amazing and never felt any judgement. I have seen folks who have their own questions about God and religion change in a season and open up their hearts to go out and give HOPE in their special ways. These are just a few examples of why I can now see others view on Sandlot being their church and seeing their eyes and hearing their voices when they describe it is incredible and even more humbling that they shared with us. Oh yeah - We also teach some pretty awesome baseball !!!

I wanted to give a description of both because I have realized that most only see the Sandlot Side but honestly - The ONE PROJECT SIDE I do not post as much of because most of our families I do not want to risk the privacy of their needs ( not that all of us dont have the same ).

This Christmas Season I pray each of yall will step out and continue to give HOPE !!!!! Touch someones life daily. A saying that has bothered me for some time is " 20 % of the people do 80% of the work " . We want to change that and its real easy !!! Do something daily !!! I fall victim of what I do is not enough and always want to do more . If 80% did something no matter the size then it would be greater than the 20% doing 80%.
Give hugs everyday, ask someone " how they are doing ? " and be prepared to give Hope to their answer. Cook a meal and take it so someone or get a to go meal and take it over - this not only feeds it allows a door to be opened up to hear their story , an ear to talk to. Even if you dont have the answers you allowed that person to open up and find relief in just talking.
Call up a friend or family and tell them you love them at random .
Give - it doesnt matter the amount or what it is - its the giving that counts
Mentor - use one of your gifts from God to lift up another
Find an accountability partner - someone who can call you out without reservation , keep you honest, keep you lifted, fuel your passion, keep you humble. Be the same back
Then with that partner, your family and others - go out and change the world on day and one person at a time.
Remember the reason for the season - The birth of Jesus Christ - our absolute perfect example of LOVE AND HOPE .

May each of you have a blessed Christmas , may yalls 2019 be even more wonderful than 2018.

Lets play ball,

Coach Mike and Shelby


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